Musashi (2019)

Types of Forgetting

What memories do you have? And what thoughts have gone by over the years? The memory is part of our identity. Because who are we if we don't remember anything. If every day over and over is a blank sheet and thereby being able to look without judgment. Musashi van Niels Watermulder is about the game of remembering and forgetting.

Musashi is a journey to the inside. To the core of our memory. Shapes, colors, architecture. They are memories of all of us. Fleeting birds. A tinge. The deception of reality. Where personal thoughts and judgments arise.

In the core of Musashi, everything disappears into nothing. How much we would like to cherish some thoughts. They fade away.

So watch,

without judgment.

(Text by Marjolein Blaauwbroek)
Via the link below, you can watch a film to get an impression of the installation which was shown at Fuse Expo in September 2019.